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About Thai Freeze Dry


Officially established in 2003, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Thai Freeze Dry Co. Ltd. is promoted by the government of Thailand’s Board of Investments due to the unique contribution we make to Thailand encompassing our commitment to organic agriculture, dedication to developing community resources, and focus on the health benefits of the fresh botanicals indigenous to Northern Thailand’s ancient Kingdom of Lan Na (land of a million rice fields).

Thai Freeze Dry is “people” oriented with our primary mission being the health and well being we can provide to our customers, but true success is not to be won at the expense of others. We work in close cooperation with Hill Tribe and other farming communities in and around the “Golden Triangle” of Northern Thailand that are struggling to attain economic independence. It is part of our corporate culture to support, contribute, care and share as members of our community including the development of organic cultivation programs, funding of non-profit organizations and support of social and environmental groups.

tfd-company.jpg Thai Freeze Dry Factory in Lamphun, Thailand

We conduct our business ethically, responsibly, and ecologically with a deep understanding and respect for Thai Culture as well as a full understanding of international standards and business practices, never losing sight of our goal to provide AAA quality organic herbal products, processed to preserve their vital health benefits, at the most competitive prices.


As with any successful business, the key to success lies in its people. Dedication, passion and creativity are essential intangible elements that go into every product and find expression in our factory operations, marketing, fulfillment of orders and every operation of the company. Each person from the farmer to the CEO to the janitorial staff is part of a chain which can have no weak link. Each and every person not only performs his or her job but contributes their opinions, suggestions, talents and knowledge as we work together as a family each helping all others at all times. Our people are an essential part of our product and service all pulling together to bring you the health, vitality, and happiness we sincerely feel you deserve.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thai Freeze Dry could not find a more perfect location than Chiang Mai. As Thailand‘s “Second City” which is also designated as an IT City. Chiang Mai offers world-class communication and banking facilities, modern transportation and shipping options, reliable power supply, and infrastructure to support an efficient operation both in terms of production of product and business functions.

At the same time we appreciate low costs of farm products, energy, labor and overhead that allow Thai Freeze Dry Co .Ltd. to provide you with a fantastic product at a low price.

hills-chiangmai.jpg The hills and valleys around Chiang Mai, Lamphun and in the area known as the “Golden Triangle” are blessed with rich soil, rain, sunlight and varying elevations that provide primal growing conditions perfect for our farm fresh products.

It is necessary be located directly at the source to harvest our indigenous agricultural products at peak maturity and immediately process these botanicals at the time of harvest – “farm fresh.” The logistics of timing the arrival of fully mature, farm fresh botanicals with the availability of the freeze dry machines requires a level of coordination and cooperation that we have managed to achieve only after many years of constant effort.

Aside from the economic and physical attributes that make Chiang Mai the perfect location for Thai Freeze Dry, this is a community that is peaceful. The people are the most friendly, warm, and loving people you can find anywhere and the rush to make money is not always the prime motivating factor.

We count the Thai people among our greatest assets. Thai culture has a high regard for nature. Predominant values include traditional health practices which still prevail to a large extent. The people in this agricultural community are close to nature and enjoy food, beauty aides, and health practices which place a high value on fresh natural herbs that grow here in abundance.

Chiang Mai is famous for its many spas where visitors can come to enjoy these benefits.

Chiang Mai and its people are, without a doubt, among Thai Freeze Dry‘s greatest assets.


The people at Thai Freeze Dry see themselves individually and collectively ( as a company) as part of the natural world and delicate balance of life. Attaining and maintaining this balance is the key to our collective and individual well being. The products we share with you are produced naturally by our earth and we bring these to you with an awe and respect for the natural wisdom that they contain and a deep appreciation of the principles they reflect.

In fact, balance in nature and in life is a guiding principle behind the healing abilities of our herbal dietary supplements. When we achieve a coherent state of functional balance between all systems of the body (homeostasis) we have created the pre- condition for self- healing , vitality and long life. In homeostasis our heart rate slows down while, at the same time, our circulation increases. The entire function of our physiology becomes optimized and super- efficient. Healing and vitality are achieved through the conscious creation of balance. This principle is at the heart of Ayurveda, Yoga and Asian healing. This is the principle that makes our herbs effective. This is opposed to the Western view which uses medicine (chemical interventions) to cure specific illnesses without an understanding of the negative side effects that result from not being able to see nature as a whole.

Click here for information on Adaptogens: Ancient Mysticism/Universal Intelligence/Quantum Field a book co- authored by Thai Freeze Dry’s founding Managing Director, Dan Foxman and Thai Freeze Dry’s Products Development Director, Bob Fickes.

This respect and appreciation for the balance of nature extends to our environment as whole which we must protect at all costs. Ecological principles are our top priority. In N. Thailand, we are blessed by rich soil and natural growing conditions that do not require chemical fertilizers and by farmers who have, for centuries, used traditional, ecologically sound farming practices that pre-date the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Our Lan Na and Hill Tribe farmers have a sincere respect for and understanding of nature that is part of their deeply held animistic spiritual beliefs which regulate their daily activities. These beliefs reflect in a respect for their environment that is extreme. In their view, the rocks, trees, soil, water, air are all living spirits to be cherished, respected and protected. This is not “lip service” but a deeply held belief.

Our appreciation and respect extends to the farming communities that grow our botanicals. These are the people that do most of the work but most typically get the short end of the stick. Organic farming methods require more work, but hard work here is the norm rather than the exception. We support our farmers not only with words of encouragement and sincere respect, but with financial and technical support and by paying prices that constitute fair compensation and provide a sustainable income. Our corporate culture reflects our commitment to our community and its people. Our Lisu (Hill Tribe) Jiaogulan Cultivation Project is a concrete example and we invite you to enjoy the privilege of joining us. (click here for details and updates). “Pennies for Papa” a non-profit organization that helps the Akha Hill Tribe and others to educate their youth is also supported by Thai Freeze Dry.(click here for link)


Nature knows best. Our passion and commitment to organics reflects our respect for the intelligence that pervades nature. Price and profit are secondary to a policy that avoids synthetic substances in our products and procedures. Our botanicals are ethically harvested in the wild or cultivated without the use of chemicals. Meticulous tests for pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants are not only part of the regular procedures required by our Thai F.D.A. certification, but are also performed voluntarily on a regular basis as part of our internal Quality Assurance Program.

Too many times, people start out with the best intentions and with organically grown products that are 100% pure and natural, and then destroy their value in the manner in which they process their products. This can result from lack of knowledge or from the desire to maximize profits.

Our laboratory quality freeze dry process is the slowest and most expensive method of preservation, but it’s the best way known to man to preserve the vital compounds and the health benefits inherent in our herbs. The issue for us is not cost, but quality and effectiveness.

Each of our capsules is individually sealed in foil to avoid any exposure to moisture and light until the moment you decide to take it. This is probably the most expensive packaging alternative, but it is also the best way to protect the integrity of the product. Every step of every process at Thai Freeze Dry is aimed at top quality regardless of costs and profit maximization. This is the concrete expression of our commitment to provide effective natural and organic finished product.

Click here for detailed information on the freeze dry process and our factory operations.

All aspects of each and every one of our products and production processes from the growing, harvesting, processing, testing, storage, packaging and shipping is monitored and supervised in accordance with organic principles and strict quality controls. Quality Assurance is built into every step.

Our factory and the products we offer are safe (Thai F.D.A. approved and GMP Certified) potent and effective. Our priority is your heath and well being. Quality and effectiveness will never be sacrificed to lower costs.

The process starts with the selection of our botanicals which we have called “Thai Super Herbs” each of which is the most important botanical in the cultures from which they came and each of which has a long and distinguished tradition of successful use verified by modern scientific investigations.

There are a great many highly effective herbs and botanicals which nature has graciously provided us. Their potency and effectiveness, however, is greatly influenced by the manner in which they are handled and processed. Thai Freeze Dry uses strict criteria to achieve the most effective results:

  1. harvested fully mature – the botanical has reached full natural potency
  2. delivered “farm fresh” to our freeze dry facility in Chiang Mai immediately upon harvest
  3. freeze dried to preserve and concentrate their natural essence
  4. encapsulated in capsules made from glutinous rice, each capsule then individually sealed in foil to protect against moisture and sunlight


farming.jpg Thai Freeze Dry has helped to establish AAA quality organic jiaogulan cultivation in Chiang Mai.


Natural and organic agriculture is an essential part of our process. We select only the highest quality herbs that are organically certified, wild crafted, or selectively and ecologically wild harvested. Much of the agriculture in the mountains of N. Thailand is conducted by small scale farmers using effective and ecologically sound traditional farming techniques which are part of their culture. In fact, according to government statistics, the environmentally sustainable farming practices of the Lisu Hill Tribe have resulted in a higher proportion of intact forests than any other area in Thailand. Natural fertilizers as well as natural pesticides are essential to the traditional farming methods practiced here over the centuries. In some cases our Hill Tribe suppliers harvest our botanicals growing wild in the mountains surrounding Chaing Mai. In all cases, the botanicals are free of chemicals and delivered farm fresh immediately upon harvest.

The freeze dry process is the best method known to man to preserve the vital enzymes and chemical compounds that the live plant contains. We capture and concentrate the essence of the herbs along with their health benefits and deliver a fresh and effective botanical dietary supplement.

tfd-process1.jpg tfd-process2.jpg


Thai Freeze Dry uses commercial size pharmaceutical quality (laboratory grade) freeze dry machines to achieve the highest possible quality. Once freeze dried, the herb is preserved for two years if not exposed to moisture. Capsules made from glutinous rice are individually sealed in foil to prevent exposure to moisture and sunlight.

Nothing is spared to achieve top quality. Each and every step is aimed at preserving the healthful vital elements our botanical preparations naturally contain.