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Welcome to Thai Freeze Dry’s website. I tend to go into greater detail than our marketing gurus advise, but education and transformation are part of our agenda. Information is power; in this case the power to make a well informed, intelligent decision regarding your health, vitality and longevity.

The way we look at things determines what we see. The first line of the first lecture of Buddha says that all that we are is a result of our thoughts – all things are thoughts. As quantum physics replaces Newtonian concepts of physics ( based on friction and resistance governed by cause and effect) with the deeper reality of conscious coherence we experience a “phase shift” – we look at reality from a different point of view. To change our health, we must change the way we think. This phase shift takes us from human-induced destructive forces of imbalance to the friction-free coherent reality of the homeostatic flow of nature.

People are not able to see nature as a whole. We are far too focused on commanding nature to fit our goals. When we come up with solutions that don’t see nature as a whole, the things we don’t see cause our solutions to be incomplete and unbalanced. The long list of potential negative side effects of many of our modern medicines is the direct result of increasing one system at the expense of another. Our bodies are designed as a finely tuned unified mechanism capable of accomplishing surprising results far beyond any specific conditions we may want to improve. Nature knows best and natural remedies such as the amazing botanicals we have carefully chosen provide balanced solutions. Equilibrium is the key to the Asian approach to health. A well balanced physiology allows us to perform with maximum efficiency and achieve and maintain a high level of health.

In homeostasis (functional balance of all our systems) intercellular communications are able to identify problems or areas of imbalance and direct the appropriate response. A simple example of this is the pain response. Pain is an electrochemical response: a warning signal that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. Every cell in our body exists within an electro-communicational network. Every biological activity emits electrical signals which are normally coherent and free of friction. When cells malfunction their electrical waves are distorted and interfere with the electrical field around it. This interference induces a distress signal that we experience as pain. News is broadcast on a cellular level that a particular problem exists at a particular location, and the body naturally initiates appropriate corrective measures. Our immune system, the Krebs Cycle (production and distribution of energy) and all systems in our bodies rely on intercellular communications.

The most effective herbs enhance intercellular communication, the assembly of an appropriate response, and delivery of this assemblage to the correct location. Understanding these botanicals lies in the understanding of homeostasis and its supervising intelligence within our bodies. Let’s widen this perspective and think of human beings as cells in the larger body we call earth (or the universe). When pushed out of harmony with our surroundings, warning signals of imbalance are created and actions to re-establish homeostasis become part of the evolution of human civilization and the overall balance of the universe.

You don’t need to understand our super herbs to experience them. They work. After you experience their benefits, it’s natural to want an explanation of how and why they work. In ancient times these explanations were expressed in spiritual terms and the botanicals were attributed super natural powers. Ancient masters must have had a profound cognition of these herbs ( gained by direct perception during heightened states of consciousness in meditation and through other subjective sources of knowledge) for these herbs to have attained such a high status that was consistently verified by results over centuries. Their gods and divas were, in effect, personalizations of natural forces – personified principals of physics. The wisdom of the ancients described what we know today as scientific principals in the vernacular of their day. We are observing the same facts. The observations are the same, only the perspective and language are different, and modern science is now providing explanations to help us understand what the ancients knew.

For a more complete understanding we suggest that you read Adaptogens: Ancient Mysticism, Universal Intelligence/Quantum Field a “must read” for anyone wanting to financially support co-authors Dan Foxman and Bob Fickes.