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Oven Dried

We have had many inquiries from customers wanting noni, mangosteen rind and other botanicals for soaps and other applications where freeze dried powder is too expensive and perhaps not necessary.

We have built special convection ovens that operate at a low temperature (30 degrees Celsius) with blowing fans and rotating shelves that circulate the mildly heated air efficiently and dry evenly. With comparatively low temperatures we minimize oxidation and the loss of potency and effectiveness that result from the use of excessive heat.

Thai Freeze Dry is happy to accommodate requests for oven dried herbs and botanicals. We are just as careful to provide only fully mature and farm fresh botanicals and to dry other herbs, roots that our customers may provide to us.

Sun dried may sound like a better option, but, in fact, sun drying in glass covered trays can generate higher temperatures than our convection ovens. Conversely when sun dried at very low temperatures the process takes too long and potency is lost in the time it takes to fully dry the botanicals. Time is our enemy in this case. While the items are sun drying slowly, every day they remain unpreserved they are losing potency. Traditional sun drying can also result in exposure to contaminates in the air. Yet another frequent problem with sun drying is that the dried herbs may not be fully dry.

All our oven dried powders are tested in our own lab to insure that the moisture content is low enough to prevent the powder from degrading, forming mold etc.

We welcome your inquires.