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You deserve straight talk and hard facts regarding the approach taken by Complete Nature. Water (moisture) such as in liquid products and crèmes provides the medium for enzymes and microorganisms to degrade the product. This is a natural process. In these cases preservatives are required. That’s the bottom line and there’s no way around it.

There are processes that slow the potential for spoilage such as irradiation, pasteurization, homogenization etc. But these can destroy not only the microorganisms that degrade the product, but can destroy, at the same time, the elements that make the product healthy and effective.

Terms such as “natural” and “pure” have, in too many cases, been relegated to advertising slogans and are no more than that. So what’s the answer?

One approach taken by Complete Nature is to provide products that lack water or moisture. When you remove the water or moisture from the product you are removing the medium for its degradation and it can remain preserved in a natural state without the need for preservatives. The freeze dry process and low temperature (low oxidation) convection drying ovens eliminate the water with the least negative effects on the natural components. You add water at the time you use the product. This gives you a natural and pure product.

Our marketing gurus insist that the approach of producing fully dry powdered products to which you add water has limited market appeal. The market has been conditioned expect liquids and crèmes. In response to consumer demand and given the economic necessity to sell products, Complete Nature has developed products with the lowest quantity and least pervasive preservatives, foaming agents, cleansing agents etc. We are committed to continually research natural alternatives and search for the safest and most natural ingredients.

The path to purity is not easy or inexpensive. In fact, we consider health and quality first and cost as a secondary factor. This again, puts us at odds with our marketing experts who tell is “price is king.” This puts us in a high end, high quality niche market whether we like it or not. But the price is an unavoidable function of the quality and purity of the product and not a result of a fancy marketing campaign. The choice is up to you.

The list of ingredients is confusing to most people. The sources and processes used to obtain the ingredients are even more obtrusive. Are the oils derived from animal fats or from plants? Are they extracted by using petrochemicals or are they cold pressed? There is a wide range of factors that distinguish one product from another. These details go beyond the common knowledge of the average customer, but it is in these details that the quality, health concerns, and effectiveness lie.

Complete Nature takes its mission seriously. For those who want to understand the details, we have provided an in-depth analysis of our ingredients and the processes we employ. Our customer service representatives will try to answer any questions or help you with information. It is our great privilege and pleasure to serve you and to bring you “Complete Nature.”

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