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amalaki-fruit.jpgAmalaki (Embic myrobalan) , indigenous to the Himalayan foothills and throughout S.E. Asia is the most important botanical in the Ayurvedic tradition. Ayurveda means “the Science or Knowledge of Life” and has its roots in prerecorded history. It existed as an oral tradition for thousands of years before being recorded in the detailed Ayurvedic texts which are among the oldest known medical records. Ayurveda describes the transference of energy into matter and matter into energy. Aberrations in this energy transference create malfunctions which can be corrected by the conscious creation of balance (homeostasis). Ayurveda is central to the practice of the ancient yogis. When the flow of energy (“prana”) is blocked (like congestion in a pipeline) the body malfunctions. Amalaki has been recognized in Ayurveda as the principle botanical to produce homeostasis and simultaneously clear the blockages.

amalaki.jpgAmalaki means “the sustainer” in Sanskrit. It is called “the Great Rejuvinator” in Ayurveda recognized for anti- aging properties including cellular regeneration, increased red blood cell count, stimulation of brain function and strengthening bones, capillaries and eyes. As an “adaptogen” it acts to create a balanced physiology (homeostasis) which is the pre-condition for self-healing, vitality and longevity. It may help to regulate cardiac, nervous system, and endocrine functions to produce a wide spectrum of xxx benefits that respond to the condition of your body.

Anti Aging/ Energy Boost: Amalaki may help to stimulatex the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and the sympatho-adrenal system. It helps to regenerate tissue and increase our red blood cell count. It tunes your “fountain of youth” and your vitality. People (young and old, male and female) with overactive schedules can greatly benefit from enhanced energy, vitality and mental awareness. Athletes (both amateur and professional) notice an almost immediate increase in their stamina and endurance. Senior citizens and others who have lost stamina and strength may notice a boost in their energy levels. This energy boost is quite different than a sugar or adrenaline rush. The boost from amalaki is a natural increase in energy without the rush. You feel calm but notice that you have more endurance and vitality without any side effects.

Cleanse and Detox: Amalaki is a powerful cleansing agent for the entire elimination system including intestine and colon, liver, kidney and bladder. Ayurveda identifies the colon as the “mother of all disease.” When the sinus, throat or lungs become congested, clean the colon- the plug at the bottom of the pond. When waste products are not properly eliminated, the body gets sick. Toxic conditions block our natural healing ability. Our natural healing ability can become immobilized by the accumulation of toxins as we lose sight of our natural healing ability and focus instead on how to manage the negative effects (symptoms) of the toxins. To make matters worse, we tend to manage these symptoms by making them more comfortable. Cleanse and detoxify naturally and safely with the help of amalaki.

Antioxidant / Vitamin C: Amalaki is a highly concentrated natural source of Vitamin C with approximately 3000 mg. per fruit. Amalaki juice has approximately 20X the Vitamin C of orange juice. Among its other benefits, Vitamin C is noted for its strong antioxidant properties. Free radical oxidation causes a wide range of health problems and accelerates the aging process. In addition to Vitamin C, Amalaki contains a potent combination of polyphenols (ellagic acid, gallic acid and emblicanin A +B) that reduce cellular and oxidative stress and destroy free radicals. Bioflavanoids, rutin and quercetin found in Amalaki combine with SOD and further add to the strong anti-oxidant effects of Amalaki.

Adaptogen: As an adaptogen , amalaki helps the body to regulate itself. Its effects are bi-directional. If your body needs rest, amalaki will help you rest. If you need to be energized, it will boost your energy. It works in both directions to normalize a wide spectrum of physiological functions and create balance. Amalaki is also a multi-directional herb. It works through multiple metabolic pathways to provide holistic healing and induce a natural state of functional balance between all systems of the body (homeostasis). Amalaki does not work on one specific part of the body or another. It does not focus on only one health problem. It doesn’t work in the same way or produce the same benefits for different people. It works on what’s given and different for each person to cleanse, protect and bring that person into balance.

Summary: Thai Freeze Dry works closely with Hill Tribe and other indigenous farming communities in N. Thailand to promote organic cultivation and encourage the use of traditional agricultural practices that mirror the herb as it grows naturally (wild crafted). In addition we send our farmers into the mountains to find amalaki growing naturally in the wild (ethically wild harvested). In all cases our amalaki is free from any synthetic chemicals that might result from the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The availability of fully mature, fresh amalaki that is freeze dried to preserve its benefits provides you with the highest quality and most effective amalaki product available anywhere. No additives or chemicals of any kind are used in the freeze dry process. Our amalaki capsules are approved by the Thai F.D.A. and produced with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification.

The real test ofamalaki is what it does for you. Try this amazing Thai Super Herb and see for yourself. Consult with your doctor about all prescription and non-prescription medicines you take before you begin to use this or any herbal product and partner with your physician on determining your own health destiny.

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As a result of cleansing, detoxifying and normalizing processes you may experience mild discomfort such as slight nausea or increased bowel movements. If you experience any reaction stop using this product and consult your physician. No other side effects have been reported consistently from the use of this product. Please share this information with your healthcare provider and be sure that you talk to your doctor about all prescription and non-prescription medicines you take before you begin to use any herbal product.