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Thailand's "Queen of Fruits"

mangosteen-ring.jpgMangosteen is known in Thailand as the "Queen of Fruits" due to its delicious sweet white fruit, but it is the bitter tasting reddish-purple rind that the greatest value abides. There is probably a no more well-rounded or overall beneficial herbal dietary supplement than mangosteen rind.

Mangosteen has been used for centuries throughout Asia for anti-inflammatory qualities and treatment of skin conditions. Mangosteen was dried and ground to be used against internal and external infections. Poultices were used to treat skin conditions and the powder was ingested to help reduce fever. It has also been used traditionally as a tonic to relived fatigue and provide energy. Mangosteen has only recently been introduced to the rest of the world and is being enthusiastically received.

mangosteen.jpgScientific studies support many of the traditional uses of mangosteen rind. Its antimicrobial actions inhibit the progression of acne. It is an antibacterial agent effective against drug resistant strains of staphylococcus responsible for staph infections. Anti-inflammatory properties are comparable in strength to potent anti-inflammatory drugs with a long list of possible adverse side effects.

Xanthones: One key to mangosteen's wide spectrum of health benefits lies in its naturally occurring bio-chemically active polyphenolic compounds called "xanthones." Xanthones couple with other molecules to become beneficial to a multitude of systems in our bodies. They have been intensely studied for several decades regarding their properties and beneficial effects. Xanthones occur only rarely in nature and no plant in nature has a higher quantity or concentration of xanthones than mangosteen with 24 distinct xanthones identified in mangosteen rind. Researchers have demonstrated xanthones' positive effects on cardiovascular health and confirmed their antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties. They help to boost energy, prevent pain, reduce anxiety and display promising positive effects on our overall health.

Antioxidants: Free radicals are molecules that have become unstable as a result of losing one or more electron. This occurs naturally during the process of metabolism at levels that your body's defense system can normally handle. The human body naturally synthesizes superoxide dismutase (SOD) and gluthathione to control free radical oxidative damage. Vitamins C and E also provide antioxidant protection.

Unchecked, free radicals interact destructively to take an electron from healthy molecules in a process called "oxidation." Healthy cells are damaged or destroyed. In today's modern world, free radicals are produced in excessive quantities by environmental pollutants, food pollutants, and created by infections, inflammation and by a wide variety of external (environmental) and internal factors. To make matters worse, as we grow older our natural ability to produce our endogenous antioxidants diminishes. If we do not boost our antioxidant levels appropriately, cellular disintegration can damage specific organs and disturb the equilibrium between our organs. This cellular oxidative damage may cause a broad spectrum of health problems and may accelerate the aging process.

Modern research indicates that the "alpha mangostin" and" gamma mangostin" xanthones are among the most powerful and effective antioxidants found anywhere in nature. Other compounds such as polysaccharides, sterols, proanthocyanides and catchins add to the antioxidant protection provided by mangosteen rind. Flavones and flavonoids boost other antioxidants found in the body such as Vitamin C and E.

Inflammation: Inflammation is a natural response to help heal wounds by surrounding and isolating the area of damage. It also induces a pain response to inform the brain of the damage and to attract immune cells to come to your defense. However today, with people under more stress and living longer, chronic inflammatory conditions associated with arthritis, ulcers, dysentery, gum disease, neurodegenerative diseases (such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers) and heart disease suggest that we manage inflammation to reduce the damage it may cause.

Specific phytochemicals in mangosteen have been associated with anti inflammatory properties. Scientists have demonstrated (in experiments using rat brain cells) that a mangosteen xanthone directly inhibits the cyclooxygenase enzyme, thus interrupting the chain of events resulting in inflammation. Although science is in its early stages of research into this area, clinical studies suggest that mangosteen may help to control inflammation. This ancient traditional treatment for inflammation is well into the process of being verified by modern science.

Immune System: The cells in our body have a biochemical and electrical signature that identifies them as belonging to our body. Bacteria cells, virus cells and other invaders have markers that are dissimilar to our body and our immune system recognizes them and signals a complex series of responses to isolate and destroy the invaders. Long before we become conscious of a physical condition recognizable as an illness, a healthy body with a strong immune system will have responded and resolved most conditions. Under extreme stress or with an overloaded immune system we are much more likely to get sick.

Vitamin C and E, found in mangosteen are believed to support immune functions. The lymphatic system produces and transports lymph from our various tissues into the circulatory system. This is a major component of our immune system as the lymph produces immune cells that create antibodies. The lymphatic system also plays a major role in eliminating waste from our cells. Accumulations of cellular waste weaken the immune system. When toxins flow through the lymphatic system in excessive amounts, portions of it can become swollen and inflamed (as in the case of tonsillitis). This inflammation is an early stage of lymphatic disease. Antioxidant and anti inflammatory chemical compounds in mangosteen rind may help fight this inflammation and prevent lymphatic disease before it can start.

Overall Health: Noted ethno-botanist, Dr. James Duke, has identified 138 health benefits of mangosteen based on the proven activities of its chemical constituents. Keep in mind that the various conditions improved by mangosteen and its beneficial components have a synergistic effect on our entire physiology. All our biological systems are interconnected and related. By improving a wide spectrum of conditions, mangosteen rind helps to create a balanced physiology - the pre-condition for self-healing, vitality and long life.

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