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Thai Freeze Dry contracts with Thailand’s Royal Project for agricultural products. For centuries the diverse migratory hill tribe peoples followed the ancient agricultural cycle of slash and burn cultivation. They literally ate the forests – slashing, burning and moving on. This eventually brought drought and floods to the plains and poverty to the hills. The hill people turned to poppy cultivation for opium production for their subsistence and by the late 1960’s Northern Thailand alone was producing 150 tons of opium annually. With wisdom, understanding and compassion that is so typically “Thai” the King realized that to permanently eradicate opium production they needed to develop alternate sources of income and otherwise assist the hill tribe communities.

In 1969,Thailand’s revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej Maharaja established the Royal Project with his personal funds and the King’s private study. In 1992, The Royal Project Foundation was formed with a permanent budget and with His Majesty the King as Honorary President. His Majesty appointed Prince Bhisatej Rajani to supervise the Royal Project. Together with Kasetsart University six experimental stations high in the mountains of Chiang Mai Provence were established and the crops with the most promising results were introduced to the hill tribes. Through decades of dedicated effort the hill tribe people of Northern Thailand have been able to help themselves in growing viable and sustainable cash crops that create worthy livelihoods using agricultural practices that preserve the environment.

The Royal Project has gained strong international recognition and support. The Project presently encompasses 274 Villages, 10,695 families with 53,589 people. Intensive efforts to develop infrastructure such as village roads, small irrigations systems, village electricity, and watershed improvements through proper land use management and soil conservation practices have produced dramatic results and the Royal Project is also introducing schools, cooperatives, rice banks and medical services to the hill tribes of Northern Thailand.

The Royal Project has made many products that were previously imported luxuries available to the Thai people and have made high quality Thai products that were virtually unknown to the world accessible.

Jiaogulan is one such Royal Project’s crop. It is grown by the Royal Project under GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certification. Thai Freeze Dry has contracts for a significant portion of the Royal Projects’ jiaogulan production and is providing assistance and cash advances to expand their production. In this way we get consistent high quality jiaogulan and help the hill tribes attain adequate sustainable income while preserving the forests.

Thai Freeze Dry’s Managing Director, Dan Foxman, has developed very close personal ties with various Hill Tribe Villages. Thai Freeze Dry is directly and through other organizations working with Akha, Lisu, and Karen hill tribe villages to expand production of our botanicals and otherwise help the villagers while preserving their incredible tribal cultures. It is part of our corporate culture to care, contribute, and support our farming communities.